Coming Up for Air

Mary Helen Leonard

Have you ever experienced a period of time in which you felt utterly adrift? We all have cornerstones in our lives – the relationships, careers, or locations that seem to define us. These are the things we make our plans around. These are the things we lean on when life tires us out, and the things we shelter in during the storms.

Sadly, they are also often the things we complain about, shovel blame onto, and even run away from when pressed into a corner. But the thing about cornerstones is that they remain where you left them, even when you take a while to come back.

So what happens when those cornerstones shift? What happens when they crumble, or simply get up and leave one day? Where do you shelter? What do you lean on? Where do you place the blame you can’t stomach taking upon yourself?

Sister Moon Ceramics

It’s the kind of experience that can really humble a person. And sometimes it can even break your heart. It’s painful. It’s scary. It feels like more than you can handle, and it really is.

But after the dust settles, and you come to grips with the fact that the cornerstones you’ve built your life around aren’t where they should be anymore, an opportunity arises from the ash. This is your chance to recognize that among the many pillars we lean on there is one standing taller than the rest. That is you.

You are the stone that will never shift away from your life. You are the friend that will never leave you. You are your constant companion and your deepest relationship. Maybe it’s time to start building your world around this cornerstone instead of all the others. The first step is finding out what she really needs and how to really make her happy.

So that’s been my mission for all these silent months. I’ve been making art, cuddling my babies, spending time in nature, and focusing on healing myself in both soul and in body. I can’t say that I have it all figured out quite yet, but my priorities have been refreshed, and I’ve forced myself to face some really hard and disappointing truths about my life and how my cornerstones have changed.

Sister Moon Ceramics

I’ve also spent a whole lot of time thinking about what I really want, and what I really need. It’s a small list, but the items aren’t easy to get.

These are the things I need every single day:

  • To be loved.
  • To make art.
  • To watch what I nurture thrive.
  • To connect with the earth.
  • To nourish my heart.
  • To nourish my body.
  • To indulge my curiosity and imagination.

I have a feeling that other people have the same needs, so I’m going to try and include you all on my journey to figuring this stuff out. I know it has been a while, but I love my blog and I don’t want to see it die. I’ll be working on breathing new life into it as I work on breathing new life into myself. Stay tuned for art, food, creativity, and more.


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